A tech startup tries to solve the hardest problem known to science: the female orgasm.

In the waning days of yet another artificial intelligence startup in San Francisco, two tech bros think that they’ve figured out what women really want: a vibrator with a mind of its own. They’ve spent almost all of their funding trying to revolutionize the technology of self-pleasure. But they’re running out of money and time, so when an experienced female investor walks into their lab, they realize this might be their last chance to save their startup. But will a radical pivot be enough to save them? And more important, will they ever figure out just what it is that women want?

Premiered at The Players Theatre August 8-24


Thomas Wang

Denise Hayatou

Evan Goldstein

Equity Approved Showcase

* These actors appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Creative TEam



Set and Props Designer

Costume Designer

Lighting Designer

Graphic Designer

Chiara Johnson

Stage Manager

Lighting Associate


"[It's] real, it’s funny, and it’s hilarious."

-Jacob Goldbas

Hi! Drama

"The play navigates the dangerous intersection of sex and business relationships smartly. "

-Asya Gorovits

Theatre Is Easy


It’s hotter than an ICO during the pump, before the dump

Translating tech startup jargon into English